More than 130 Tunisian Brotherhood members issue a statement “Correcting the Path”

The July 25 movement in Tunisia called on President Kais Saied to dissolve parliament and hold a popular referendum to change the electoral law and political system, revise the constitution and code of local authorities and establish a third republic .

This came at a time when the Brotherhood’s Ennahda movement continues to engulf controversy, as much of its leaders and supporters, Ghannouchi, and those around him are responsible for the situation the movement has become.

At a media point Saturday, outside the parliament headquarters in the suburb of Bardo, the movement called for the speeding up of the establishment of a government to be proposed by the Tunisian people. the Ennahda movement and its head, Rached Ghannouchi, and the corrupt organizations that guided the process for a decade.

In this context, more than 130 youth from the Ennahda movement, including five parliamentarians and members of the Shura Council, in a statement entitled “Correcting the Path” called on the leader of the movement, Rached Ghannouchi, to give priority to the national interest, and to take the necessary measures for Tunisia to restore the normal functioning of Parliament and to restore confidence in this institution.

The signatories of the statement also called on the current leadership of the Ennahda movement to take full responsibility for failing to meet the demands of the Tunisian people, and to understand the state of congestion and ferment as the political, economic and The party’s social choices and the way it managed alliances and political crises failed to meet the needs of the citizen who was crushed by the machine of high prices and the deterioration of prices. Purchasing power alongside unemployment and the health pandemic.

The authors of the statement said: “This critical situation, in which it is not a secret to any of us that our party was an essential element in it through its direct and indirect political action, today confronts us with the inevitability of embarking on painful and inescapable choices, whether out of responsibility and avoidance of past mistakes, or in response to popular pressure, which no objective follower can deny.”

Meanwhile, informed sources yesterday said sharp divisions have plagued the political bureau of the movement since Thursday’s meeting, reaching the statement issued on Saturday.

The sources pointed out that one of the reasons for the division was the inability to agree on not describing what has happened since the evening of July 25 as a coup d’état, and calling on President Said to form a government. to which Ennahda is not a party.

The executive office of the Ennahda movement ruled in its statement released on Saturday that the exceptional measures resorted to by President Said are measures contrary to the Constitution and the law, and that they are an explicit attack on the requirements. democracy and the individual and civil rights of the Tunisian people, and the involvement of state institutions in conflicts that hinder them in carrying out their duty to serve the country and the citizen.

The Shura Council meeting of the Ennahda Movement is expected to be held today to make its position known on the state of affairs in the country, while the movement’s leader, Zubair Chahoudi, confirmed that its head’s appeal , Rashid Ghannouchi, to defend democracy and open the floodgates of parliament does not reflect the movement. Dialogue with the President of the Republic and calm, even if the price is political.

In addition, a member of the Ennahda Movement’s Executive Office, Khalil Al-Barooumi, announced his decision to resign from the Executive Office and assume the responsibility of overseeing the media in the Ennahda Movement, in protest at what he described as “the leaders of Ennahda’s inability to understand the messages addressed to them on July 25, 2021.”

Al-Shahoudi expected that the results of the Shura Council meeting would be qualitative, even if it would require new leadership or sacrifice the position of the movement in order to get the country out of this dangerous situation and the return of the democratic path as it has been done in the past according to his estimation.

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