Nasrallah: Israeli cannot attack in Beirut and still stay safe.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday condemned an alleged Israeli drone attack in the predominantly Shiite Dahieh suburb of Beirut, warning that Israel “did a very, very dangerous thing.”


“This is the first Israeli attack since 2006,” Nasrallah said in a speech Sunday to commemorate his organization’s victory over anti-Assad regime groups in Syria in 2017. 


“The Israelis claim it is a commercial drone, but it is a military one, at least two meters long.” he said.


The first one was gathering intelligence and was not armed. It flew very low and was taken down by our citizens who threw stones at it.


A while later, a second one appeared and attacked one of our sites; it was a suicide drone” Nasrallah said.


Damage caused by drone crashing into Hezbollah communications center in Beirut (Photo: Reuters)

Damage caused by drone crashing into Hezbollah communications center in Beirut (Photo: Reuters)


Ynet defense analyst Ron Ben-Yishai wrote Sunday that the images of the drones suggest that they are Iranian-made and not Israeli.


The head of the Iranian backed Lebanese Shiite militia criticized Israel for what he claimed were repeated violations of Lebanon’s sovereignty.


“If Netanyahu thinks this is over just because there were no fatalities he is wrong,” Nasrallah warned, adding the organization cannot allow this attack to go unanswered or it could be subject to such events on a daily basis.


Drone found after crashing in Beirut

Drone found after crashing in Beirut


“I am telling Israeli soldiers on the border with Lebanon. You wait for us. wait a day or two or three, we will come” Nasrallah said.


The Shiite leader also called on the public in Israel directly, describing Netanyahu’s actions as election propaganda.


“this time Netanyahu is campaigning on your blood and bringing you fire from all sides…he is not afraid to lead you to the abyss.” he said

Earlier Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri described the crash of two drones as violation and “aggression” against Lebanese sovereignty, adding that Israeli drones is a “threat to regional stability and attempt to increase tension.”

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