National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists condemns Ennahda Brotherhood militia violence against journalists

The text of the statement stated that the attacks on journalists A succession of those affiliated with the movement, whether by some of its representatives in Parliament or by its supporters during the march, expressed its condemnation of these systematic attacks on journalists.

The National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists decided to carry out judicial tracking of all attackers, headed by the organizing committee, which exercised militia duties and violated laws that guarantee freedom of journalistic work.

In its statement, the Syndicate also considered that the silence of the leaders of the Ennahda Movement regarding these attacks is an implicit consent and their efforts to try to bring the media to its knees through intimidation, violence, interference in the work of journalists and an attempt to confiscate the freedom of journalistic work..

The Syndicate also mandated its legal staff to undertake the necessary legal procedures to track down the assailants despite the continuing state of impunity and the lack of serious dealing with cases of assault against journalists..

The Syndicate also decided to start preparing a list of enemies of press freedom, which will be announced during the World Press Freedom Day and sent to all national and international bodies and organizations concerned with rights and freedoms to inform them of the threat threatening media freedom and the safety of journalists, in addition to defaming all attackers on their national and international perspectives.


Arab Observer

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