Netanyahu hits rock-bottom

Here lies an occupation figure, insisting that the genocide will continue until all “goals” of the war are achieved. None were achieved for months, exposing Netanyahu’s farce.

There is no denying the extent of domestic Resistance facing Benjamin Netanyahu.

As the death count in Gaza surges past 26,400, Netanyahu’s own cabinet members are lending him the cold shoulder. Key figures have blasted his leadership for making tall promises on Israeli hostages and having nothing to show for their return. Netanyahu wants the world to think he is unfazed by the criticism, but his own coalition government now hangs by a thread. Captives and their families are speaking out. The biggest cheerleader of the Gaza genocide is effectively on the ropes.

Let’s be clear: “Israel’s” brutal genocide has cost billions, and proven that destructive means cannot achieve anything of substance for the occupation. Netanyahu’s political profile is more vulnerable than ever as Israeli soldiers fall at the center of a growing casualty count on the battlefield. This is a scathing indictment of Netanyahu’s fictitious “victory” narrative. “[Netanyahu has been] blaming others and inciting against those who had fought to save the Israeli democracy from his destructive actions and plans,” read a recent letter to occupation president Isaac Herzog from dozens of former Israeli security officials and influential leaders. Members of Netanyahu’s extreme far-right base have also threatened to take down his government if their interests in the genocide aren’t met. The pressure is coming from all corners, and the Israeli occupation continues to suffer a debacle on the battlefield.

Calls for Netanyahu’s resignation are no longer muted either. Thousands continue to take to the streets, calling for the war criminal to be unseated. The post-October 7 events have shattered the myth of Netanyahu’s popularity, exposed his genocidal ambitions, and made clear that inhumane military means will accomplish nothing to the occupation’s advantage. His popularity has struck rock-bottom during this period, and rising protests on the streets are now met by deep fractures within his own so-called war cabinet. For instance, Netanyahu’s hard-right “Likud” party continues to trail in the opinion polls as the genocide drags on. The message is unmistakable: Netanyahu’s political career is the greatest domestic casualty of his own colonial, ethnic-cleansing project in Gaza.

Interestingly, Israeli hostages mince no words in adding to Netanyahu’s humiliating political downfall. In a recent footage, three female soldiers blasted the occupation premier for neglecting their release and called for an end to the war. Calls for ending the war are mounting as “Israel” reckons with the reality that there is no defeating the Resistance. Israeli war cabinet member Gadi Eisenkot himself admitted to that reality, puncturing Netanyahu’s principal sales pitch to the public. Hostages have even called on their families to step-up protests to compel the government to prioritize what Netanyahu has ignored to his peril: an exchange deal. Nothing will materialize without an end to the genocide, and a swift withdrawal of all Israeli occupation forces. 

Put another way, admitting defeat is inevitable for “Israel”, and Netanyahu’s days are numbered.

There are also signs that Netanyahu’s far-right coalition base is beginning to lose patience with him. Look no further than extremist ally Itamar Ben-Gvir, leader of the racist Jewish Power Party, who threatened to take down Netanyahu’s government if he didn’t pick up the pace of destruction in Gaza. At the same time, there is formidable pressure on Netanyahu to secure a hostage exchange deal. This was at the heart of growing splits within his own war cabinet: Members Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot outright rejected Netanyahu’s position that military belligerence in Gaza will drive hostages home.

Adding to his dwindling political fortunes is a telling admission to hostage families – that Netanyahu had no plan in place to secure hostage return.

Domestic pressure is here to stay, and calls are increasing for Netanyahu to agree to a ceasefire. Yet, members of his far-right extremist base are warning him to move in a completely different direction or risk political suicide. This polarizing mix was entirely of Netanyahu’s own making, and confirms that his long-sought balancing act is absolutely untenable. As a result, Netanyahu is scrambling to keep his government afloat as calls for early election gather steam. The occupation premier must go.

Whichever way one cuts it, the aftermath of October 7 has shown to the world that “Israel” is vehemently opposed to any prospect of peace, and is all for war, brutality and genocide in Gaza. Its brazen activism against a ceasefire removes all doubt. 

“Israel” has also been warned that there is ‘no chance’ hostages will be returned after Netanyahu rejected conditions to end “Israel’s” brutal assault on Gaza. Netanyahu’s political insecurities are further laid bare by the aftermath of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision, ordering “Israel” to take all measures possible to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza. 

Here lies an occupation figure, insisting that the genocide will continue until all “goals” of the war are achieved. None were achieved for months, exposing Netanyahu’s farce. 

And yet, he has laid all the groundwork for his own political demise. 





Hannan Hussain


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