Netanyahu Less Likely to Listen to Ceasefire Even if by US

Former State Department official Wa'el Alzayat describes the United Nations Security Council as "useless" because resolutions to tackle global issues can be vetoed by opposing member states.

Former State Department official Wa’el Alzayat informed Sputnik that the possibility of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu abiding by calls for a ceasefire in Gaza even if the United States made them. 
“I don’t think there’ll be a ceasefire soon… I really think even if the Biden administration eventually decides to support a ceasefire, I don’t think [Netanyahu] he’s going to listen to them for a while,” Alzayat said, adding, “I don’t think anybody will be able to control him.” 
The former senior policy advisor to US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power and Syria Outreach Coordinator with Ambassador Robert Ford, argues that he expects Netanyahu will intend to continue military operations in Gaza for quite some time. 

This comes as US President Joe Biden claimed last week there was no possibility for a ceasefire in Gaza, amid a State Department dissent memo accusing Biden of “spreading misinformation” on the war on Gaza and acknowledging that “Israel” is committing “war crimes” in the Strip, as per a copy of the memo obtained by Axios.

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The memo, organized by a junior diplomat who previously indicated on social media that Biden’s support for “Israel” implicates him in genocide in Gaza, reveals significant internal divisions within the Biden administration regarding the war on Gaza.

Signed by 100 US personnel, the memo calls on senior US officials to reconsider their policy toward “Israel” and push for a ceasefire in Gaza, where more than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed, including over 4,500 children due to the brutal Israeli aggression, as per the Palestinian Health Ministry.

UN Security Council of ‘lawlessness’

Alzayat described the United Nations Security Council as “useless” because resolutions to tackle global issues can be vetoed by opposing member states. That leaves a “complete lawlessness,” and no respect for international law. 
“Maybe some countries and leaders like that, but for the rest of humanity, I think this is a very, very, very bad chapter right now in our modern history,” he relayed.

Russia has been calling out the UNSC quite frequently for its opposing members delaying and impeding ceasefire attempts.

Commenting on an Israeli ground operation in the Gaza Strip, the diplomat mentioned that the Security Council cannot provide “carte blanche”  to Israeli forces for such actions.

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia blamed US policy on Gaza for the ongoing escalation and its blocking of peace initiatives, adding that there are no safe zones left in Gaza amid relentless Israeli strikes.

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