Netanyahu Threatens Lebanese Resistance

x Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells Israeli occupation forces on the northern front that "it is kill or be killed, and they need to be killed."

At the northern front with Lebanon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Israeli occupation forces and threatens the Lebanese Resistance, Hezbollah, as tensions increase and the IOF evacuate settlements in the north fearing a second intelligence failure and the liberation of occupied Lebanese and Palestinian territories.

Making reference to the 2006 war in which Hezbollah defeated “Israel” despite the war crimes and carpet bombing conducted by the latter against Lebanon’s south and Beirut suburbs, Netanyahu said, according to Israeli media, that “if Hezbollah decides to enter the war, it will long for the Second Lebanon War,” adding that “it will be making the mistake of its life.”

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, “Israel” will “strike it with strength that it cannot even imagine and the significance to it and to the country of Lebanon will be devastating.”

The PM then continued to underscore that currently “Israel” is facing an “existential threat”, saying, “We are in the fight of our life, a fight for our home,” stressing, “That’s not an exaggeration, it’s not an overstatement, that’s this war.”

Tapping into the emotional aspect, Netanyahu told occupation soldiers, “I know that you lost friends, and it’s a very difficult thing.”

In conclusion, Netanyahu underscored, “It is kill or be killed, and they need to be killed.”

In the meantime, an Israeli minister and member of the political and security cabinet, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the Israeli news website Walla! that “Netanyahu suppresses any offensive idea. He is simply a coward.”

Member of Hezbollah’s parliamentary bloc, Loyalty to the Resistance, MP Hassan Fadlallah, declared today that Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is actively monitoring the developing situation in real-time. Fadlallah confirmed that Sayyed Nasrallah is supervising and orchestrating the situation through direct communication with Resistance field commanders, and he serves as the leader of this Resistance.

Fadlallah emphasized that the Resistance is well-prepared for various scenarios and that Sayyed Nasrallah plays a direct and active role in the ongoing battle, engaging with fighters at both the political and grassroots levels.

He also pointed out that Sayyed Nasrallah keeps a close watch on the events unfolding in the South of Lebanon, the conditions of the people, their unwavering determination, and the ongoing military operations in the area. He also emphasized that the current atmosphere in the villages and among the families of martyrs reflects a strong sense of unity under the guidance of Sayyed Nasrallah.

Fadlallah added that Sayyed Nasrallah’s media absence is a strategic choice in battle management, demonstrating wisdom and courage. He assured our reporters that when Sayyed Nasrallah deems it necessary to appear, “he will do so”.

He went on to say, “I delivered a message from Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, to the families of the martyrs, emphasizing that he considers all the martyrs as his own children.” He also conveyed their feelings, emotions, and readiness to further sacrifice for liberation and freedom.

He stated that Lebanese Resistance fighters are confronting the Israeli occupation army in the south near the borders with occupied Palestine and are inflicting serious injuries and fatalities among their ranks. 

“Our Resistance is well aware of the path it has selected to protect its homeland, with Lebanon’s welfare and its people being the utmost concern,” he tersely stated.

Fadlallah stated to our reporters that “the combatants are on the front lines in defense of our nation and territory,” highlighting that “the Resistance’s support base remains unswayed by all the misinformation and alarmist campaigns.”

“At home, our most important priority is to protect the homeland for the Lebanese people,” he continued, emphasizing that “Israel” had intentions of attacking our nation, “but the true decision-maker, the United States, compelled it to withdraw, fearing another defeat.”

“It is in Lebanon’s interest to prevent the enemy from achieving its goals in the Gaza Strip,” he said.

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