New Israeli War Crime Uncovered: 30 Decomposed Bodies in Gaza School

Workers restoring a school in Beit Lahia, after Israeli forces besieged and occupied it, made a harrowing discovery, marking another Israeli war crime.

The bodies of 30 Palestinians executed by Israeli occupation forces were found on Wednesday inside a school that had been besieged by the occupation’s tanks.

The school located in the northernmost town of Beit Lahia in the Gaza Strip was being restored to house forcibly displaced Palestinians on Wednesday, when bodies of 30 martyrs were mistakenly found in the facility, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS).

PPS said the dead bodies had their hands cuffed and their eyes blindfolded, with some being stripped of their clothes before being executed by Israeli occupation forces, marking yet another act of genocide and a war crime added to “Israel’s” record.

Following the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces in several areas in the Gaza Strip, especially in the north, rescue teams, families, and humanitarian workers are uncovering the aftermath of the Israeli invasion.

PPS said there is a surge in distressing accounts from detainees, including children and women, who underwent various forms of mistreatment, both physically and psychologically, during their apprehension by Israeli occupation forces.

The organization, which is concerned with the rights of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails, emphasized that the persistence of the occupation in causing the disappearance of Gaza detainees can only be attributed to a deliberate decision to isolate them, with the intent of committing further undisclosed crimes against them.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health in Gaza released the latest death toll in the Gaza Strip, confirming that the Israeli occupation has killed 26,900 Palestinians and injured 65,949 others since it launched its aggression on the Gaza Strip.

While conducting a ground invasion of Gaza, the occupation forces disseminated shocking images and footage depicting the arrest of numerous individuals in conditions that violated human dignity.

Moreover, it added the Israeli occupation committed 16 massacres against Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip in only 24 hours, killing 150 and injuring 313.

Despite an already dire situation, several Western states, including the United States and Finland, have pledged to cut funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNWRA), the only international organization concerned with aiding Palestinian refugees in areas, including the Gaza Strip.

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