Oglidar’s Lightning Bolt.. Did the Russians Thwart the West’s Tank Plan?

Russian lightning strikes at dawn today, according to military experts, primarily targeted all supply lines of the Ukrainian armed forces, in particular the city of Oglidar, which is on the strategic axis south of Donetsk, so what will Moscow gain from this missile attack in the next few hours?

Donetsk region governor Pavlo Kirilenko said early Friday morning that Ukraine’s eastern front line is under intense bombardment as the town of Oglidar is under “constant” attack.

cutting supplies
The city of Oglidar differs from others by the presence of extensive coal mines and underground infrastructure facilities, making it difficult to locate Russian military vehicles inside. Specialists linked the city’s importance to what another official revealed about difficulties in controlling the city and compared it to the industrial battles on the Mariupol coast.

Vorogtsov Starikov, in exclusive statements to Sky News Arabia, said the success of Russian forces in invading the outskirts of Ogledar will undoubtedly help secure multiple combined wins.

Vorogtsov Starikov, a Russian researcher at the military institution “Volsk”, believes that the advance in Oglidar offers a great opportunity to take control of southern Donetsk, and also helps control the southern axis of its strategic importance, in particular heavily besieged with the presence of Russian troops on the outskirts of the city.

• Restriction of the movement of Ukrainian forces there and on the southern axis
Paving the way for the annexation of more towns and villages south of Donetsk

• The fall of this city will reduce the ability of all Ukrainian Armed Forces to launch a counterattack in the coming period

• Attempts to move western reinforcements and units of the 68th Infantry Brigade to Ogledar failed

Vorogtsov Starikov, a Russian researcher at the “Volsk” military institution, stated that the Ukrainians know the importance of the city, which, if it falls, would give Moscow an important advance on the entire southern front and cut the bridge to the city of Pokrovsky, what means cutting back on Ukraine’s expansion.

Vorogtsov Starikov confirmed that in parallel with this advance, the Russian army managed to launch and control an attack near the Donetsk town of Novomikhaylovka, steps that the Ukrainians are preparing for a spring counterattack given current field conditions, very much difficult.

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The fall of Oglidar is almost a foregone conclusion despite the fierce resistance currently faced by Russian forces, as expressed by Yan Gagin, the presidential adviser in the Donetsk Republic, stressing that fighting is already taking place on the outskirts of the City containing a large complex of underground infrastructure facilities, including associated mines.

Here Svyatoslav Podolak, a Ukrainian military official on the Donbass front, says the city’s fall signifies a “military retreat” for the Ukrainian army given the soldiers’ morale, which was shaken by the overthrow of Solidar just days ago.

Svyatoslav Podolak listed a number of points about the nature of the situation faced by the Ukrainian army, including:

• The forces in Oglidar are units and factions of varying strength and weaponry.

• Ukrainian troops are completely chaotically concentrated in the city.

• The number of Kiev armed forces is relatively large, but their main problem lies in the lack of means of communication between them.

• It suffers from a difficult situation of taking orders and moving between them, and its existence has become almost impossible.

Russian forces took more strategic lines and positions during the attack towards Donetsk, as more than 110 Ukrainian soldiers were eliminated on this front in the last 24 hours; Russian forces also destroyed two fuel depots for military equipment and three artillery ammunition depots.

Ukrainian military circles are attempting to establish a solid fighting ground by standing firm at Ogledar and prolonging the battle before it falls in order to be a quicker motive for supplying Kiev with tanks and the rest of the expected heavy weapons.



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