Preliminary Results: Russia’s Ruling Party Leading in Elections

The ruling United Russia party leads the Russian legislative elections, according to preliminary results published shortly after the polls closed.

Preliminary results show that the ruling United Russia party led the three-day Russian legislative elections. 

According to the electoral commission, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s party won 38.75 percent of the votes, followed by the Communist Party, which won 25.06 percent of the votes. 

A poll conducted with voters outside polling stations showed that the United Russia party led the elections with 45.2 percent of the votes, as the Communist Party came in second with 6.67 percent.

The newly emerging Liberal Democratic Party came in third with 9.6 percent of the votes, followed by the centrist A Just Russia party. This data came after counting the results of 9 percent of the polling stations.

It is noteworthy that in the last elections held in 2016, United Russia won 54.2 percent of the votes, while the Communist Party received 13.3 percent.


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