Putin: Russia’s victory is “inevitable” and praises the “courage, heroism” of the soldiers

A Russian victory in Ukraine is “inevitable”, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday while talking with workers during a visit to an arms factory.

“Victory is assured, I have no doubt about it” said Vladimir Putin on January 18 during a visit to an arms factory in Saint Petersburg.

The Russian defense industry annually produces as many air defense missiles as all other manufacturers in the world, which, among other things, inspires confidence in Russia’s victory in Ukraine, the Russian president said, quoted by the official Ria Novosty news agency.

“Three times more air defense missiles per year than the United States”

“For example, we produce more than three times as many air defense missiles per year as the United States.

Our production is equivalent to the world production”he said in a conversation with workers at the Obukhov plant, which is part of the Almaz-Antey enterprise, the largest enterprise in Russia’s military-industrial complex.

In general, our defense industry produces about the same annual amount of air defense missiles as all other companies of the military-industrial sector of the world.

“I have no doubt about it”

“From the point of view of the final result and the victory, which is inevitable, there are several things that have not disappeared and which underlie our victory.

It is the unity and solidarity of the Russian people. C is the courage and heroism of our fighters in the special military operation (name given by the Kremlin to the Russian invasion of Ukraine) and on the front line, of course, the work of the military-industrial complex, companies like yours […]. I have no doubt about it”he added.




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