Russia Reveals US Funding For Biolabs in Ukraine

Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee, on Tuesday reported that the financing of biological programs in Ukraine by the United States exceeded 224 million dollars since 2005.

The official said in statements to RT channel that this body is investigating a criminal case related to the development of biological weapons of mass destruction, financed by the US Department of Defense and other involved US organizations.

According to Bastrykin, the analysis of the documents obtained during the investigation in Ukraine made possible to identify the circle of people involved in the military biological activities in Ukraine, included representatives of the Pentagon and US contractors.

He warned that the results of the investigations were transferred to the Kiev-controlled territories before the beginning of a military operation in Russia.

Kirillov clarified that the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense are the clients and sponsors of that Ukrainian institution, which also receives revenues from the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Departments of Agriculture, Health and Energy.

However, Igor Kirillov, chief of Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces, denounced on April 14 that Washington has allocated more than 350 million dollars in recent years on projects from the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine.


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