Silence And Betrayal: Mahmoud Abbas’ Controversial Stance On Palestinian Security

Silence for ages, and blasphemy spoken.” This is the situation of the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, who found no words to say about the massacres committed by Israel against the people of Gaza and the West Bank except to acknowledge their right to security – as he claims.

Mahmoud Abbas said during a speech at the special meeting of the World Economic Forum held in the Saudi capital Riyadh under the title “International Cooperation, Growth, and Energy for Development”: “We say to Israel the right to obtain full security, and this is our duty.”

He added, “As Palestinians, we have the right to self-determination and an independent state like other peoples of the world.”


Mahmoud Abbas did not even mention the necessity of protecting Palestinians from the massacres and genocides they face every moment, or their right to protection from the settlers who wreak havoc, destruction, killing, and destruction in the occupied territories.

With a sense of shame, Abbas said: “Under no circumstances will we accept the displacement of Palestinians, whether from Gaza or the West Bank, outside their homeland, and we will not allow the repetition of my tragedies in 1948 and 1967.” According to Anadolu Agency.

Abbas warned again of an imminent Israeli attack on the city of Rafah, where currently 2.2 million Palestinians reside, which would mean “a new catastrophe will befall the Palestinian people” if it happens.

“Abbas is a puppet in the hands of his masters”

Abbas’s words and his negligence towards the Palestinian tragedy, and his eagerness for Israel’s security even before addressing the security of Palestinians and protecting them, were met with angry responses and comments on social media.


Political analyst “Yasser Al-Zaatari” commented, asking: “For God’s sake, is this the speech of a ‘president’ who watches his people being slaughtered and starved in front of cameras?!”

He added: “He has been chasing illusions for decades, does not admit failure, and has a ‘tribe’ that drums for him!”

Mohamed Bashir said: “As long as you hold hands with the occupier of your land, do not expect any benefit from him, victory and glory to the resistance.”

Jamal Abdullah Al-Raisi wondered: “Why is everyone sad about the traitor’s statements? It’s better for him to stick to his position and the image he has engraved in people’s minds and not surprise us with another stance we would be deceived by.”

Activist “Baraa Nizar Rayan” said: “Imagine speaking about our enemy’s right to full security while he is destroying our children. By God, who remained silent for ages and spoke blasphemy!”

Ahmed Taher said: “He remained silent for ages and spoke blasphemy,” adding: “A Zionist in a Masonic conference, what do you expect him to say?”

Another commenter replied: Cowardice and betrayal fit the saying: “If you have no shame, then do as you wish.”

Taysir said: “He is nothing but a puppet in the hands of his masters; a slave to the chair and authority.”

Naji Al-Khattat believed that Abbas spoke as dictated by his job, which is to protect the state of the entity, but Palestine has nothing to do with him.

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