Sisi’s Meeting with National Defense Council: Libya’s stability is integral part of Egypt’s security

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi presided over the meeting of the National Defense Council on Sunday, according to Presidency Spokesperson Bassam Rady.

The National Defense Council includes the Speaker of Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense and Military Production, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, the Chief of General Intelligence, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Interior, the Commander of the Navy, and the Commander of the Defense Forces Air Force, Air Force Commander, Head of the Armed Forces Operations Authority and Director of the Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance Department.

The meeting took place in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Council.

“The Council discussed developments of the situation in Libya on the western strategic direction, in light of Egypt’s endeavor to stabilize the current field position and not to cross the declared lines,” said Rady.

He added that Egypt aims to bring peace between all the Libyan parties.

During the meeting, the Council emphasized the strong ties between the two countries, adding that Egypt will not spare any effort to support sisterly Libya and help its people cross their country to safety and overcome the current critical crisis.

“The Libyan file is one of the highest priorities of Egyptian foreign policy, bearing in mind that Libyan security is an integral part of Egyptian and Arab national security.“

In this context, the Council also affirmed commitment to a political solution as a way to end the Libyan crisis, in a manner that preserves the sovereignty and national and regional unity of the Libyan state. 

The council called for ensuring a fair and transparent distribution of Libyan resources among the Libyan people and preventing any extremist groups from controlling these resources.


In his meeting with Libyan tribal leaders on July 16, 2020,  Egypt’s President Sisi commented on possible Egyptian intervention in Libya, promising that Egypt will intervene “only at the Libyans’ request and withdraw upon their order.” Sisi added that Egypt is willing to receive and train youth from tribes to help build a Libyan national army.


Sisi affirmed during the conference that Egypt supports the unified Libyan state, excluding armed and extremist militias. He added that the Sirte-Jufra red line shall not be crossed, describing it as a call for peace by Egypt to activate the political solution in the country.


“Around 25,000 militias and mercenaries have entered Libya from Turkey, which is threatening the entire region’s security,” said Libyan National Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari in remarks to “DMC Evening” talk show on DMC channel on July 18, 2020.

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