Small bomb explosion near Israeli embassy in Indian

A small bomb has exploded near the Israeli embassy in the Indian capital, Delhi, damaging nearby cars but causing no injuries.

Police said a “very low intensity improvised device” caused the blast.

Israel said an investigation was under way but one Israeli official told news agencies it was being regarded as a “terrorist incident”.

An Israeli diplomat’s wife was wounded when a bomb was planted under her car in New Delhi nine years ago.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran of being behind both the incidents in 2012 – allegations denied by Tehran.

On the same day, 13 February 2012, a bomb was also planted under an Israeli diplomatic car in the Georgian capital Tbilisi but it failed to detonate.

Friday’s blast happened shortly after 17:00 local time (11:30 GMT) and blew out the windows of three nearby parked cars.

Police quickly cordoned off the site of the explosion.

“Initial impressions suggest a mischievous attempt to create a sensation,” a Delhi police spokesperson said in a statement.

However, one Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that “although there were no casualties, India and all elements in Israel regard the explosion as a terrorist incident”.

The Israeli foreign ministry said its embassy staff and building were not impacted and that the incident was “under investigation by the authorities in India, who are in contact with the relevant Israeli authorities”.


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