Sudan, Egypt Sign Military Cooperation Agreement

Sudan and Egypt signed a military cooperation agreement, following the visit of the Egyptian Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

Farid stressed that Egypt “seeks to consolidate ties and relations with Sudan in all fields, especially military and security fields,” adding that “solidarity is a strategic approach imposed by the regional and international environment.”

Farid stressed that Sudan and Egypt face common challenges as well as national security threats.

Farid’s Sudanese counterpart, Lieutenant General Mohamed Othman al-Hussein, said that “the aim of the agreement is to achieve national security for the two countries, and to build armed forces full of experience and knowledge.”

He also expressed Cairo’s readiness to meet all of Sudan’s military-related requests, calling this level of military cooperation with Sudan “unprecedented.

Hussein thanked Egypt for standing by Sudan during difficult times.


Arab Observer

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