Sudanese government warns against protests in violation of coronavirus lockdown

Sudanese government Saturday has warned supporters of the former regime against protests and gatherings that could help the spread of coronavirus.

Supporters of the ousted Omer al-Bashir launched calls for a protest in Darfur on Sunday despite the lockdown imposed by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A statement issued by the Council of Ministers said they receive reports saying that a political group affiliated with the former regime plans to hold rallies on Sunday morning.

“The government declared the state of health emergency, ordered a curfew (….) and banned gatherings for any reason. So, it intends to strictly. implement (these restrictions)”.

“Instructions were issued to all security and law enforcement agencies to deal strictly and decisively with everyone who violates these orders,” further said the statement.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Sudan rose by 59 to 592 cases, said the Sudanese Ministry of Health Saturday.

last Thursday, the Sudanese authorities arrested 23 relatives of some detained leading members of the former regime who protested calling for their release and after claiming that one of them – Ahmed Haroun – was infected by the coronavirus in prison.

On Saturday night, security forces have been deployed outside the army headquarters and all the street leading to it were closed.

Also, the ministry of interior issued a statement warning that the security forces will not allow any gathering in violation of the imposed social-distancing measures.

Arab Observer


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