Syria: Clashes between Turkish-backed factions over the passage of shipments

Clashes took place in the village of Al-Tafriy’a in al-Bab countryside in eastern Aleppo, between members of the al-Hamzaat Division and a group of Samarkand Brigade, which is part of the Turkish-backed National Army.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the clashes erupted due to disagreements over the passage of shipments intended for smuggling from the areas of Aleppo countryside controlled by these factions to the opposite side, which is under the control of SDF, amid reports of injuries between the two sides.

SOHR sources say that members of the Turkish-backed al-Hamza Division arrested a military commander within its ranks by order of the commander-in-chief of the Division “Saif Abu Bakar”, near the village of Tel Batal in northern Aleppo countryside, after entering from Turkey.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the leader is one of the most corrupted officials in the faction.

SOHR sources said earlier that members of the Turkish-backed al-Hamza Division tried to steal an olive crop after being harvested by female workers in the village of Al-Farrera near the city of Afrin.

The Turkish-backed al-Hamza Division was the first among the factions to send its fighters to Azerbaijan with Turkish forces, and has a long record of violations against civilians and the Afrin people.

In this context, the Syrian Observatory had monitored tension between the locals and members of al-Hamza Division. Meanwile, al-Hamza Division members opened fire indiscriminatly on the camps and olive tree lands, reacting to the people’s attack on them, while Turkish-backed factions and the elders of the region intervened to resolve the problem, which led to the extradition of the abusers from al-Hamza Division to the military police in order to get punished.


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