Syria-Turkey: Has Washington abandoned the idea of a border force?

What did US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson say about the situation on the border between Syria and Turkey? US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denied that the United States had any intention to build a Syria-Turkey border force, saying the issue, which has incensed Ankara, had been “misportrayed.”

Turkey has reacted angrily and warned of an imminent incursion into Syria’s Afrin district after Washington said it would help Syrian Democratic Forces led by Kurdish YPG militias to set up a new 30,000 strong border force.
 Turkey said it would not hesitate to take action in Afrin district and other regions across the border in Syria unless the United States withdrew support for the force.
discusses the situation in Syria researcher in geopolitical sciences at the Sorbonne 4 mr.Emad Hassou, Ali Ismail member of the Political office of the Union of Syrian and from Istanbul political writer Mustafa Hamed oglu.

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