Taliban Bans “American” and “French” hairstyles, Phones with a Camera for Women

After the Taliban movement banned, on Sunday, in a statement, hairstyles and shaving beards in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan, as well as obligating university students to wear the black abaya and the niqab and to follow lectures in non-mixed classes.

Earlier this month, the movement published a statement, on Monday, issued by the Islamic Call Committee in the Najrab district of Kapisa province, northeast of Kabul, that included new rules of conduct to be circulated to citizens, targeting mostly women.

The movement also prohibited women from having a phone with a camera. And she asked the imams of mosques to clarify the provisions of the Qur’an and Sunnah regarding the veil and jihad. It also asked imams to register people who do not perform prayers.

The statement, issued in the name of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”, stated that “women are not allowed to style their hair in the American and French ways, and men are not allowed to shave.”
According to the statement, “a head covering must be worn during prayer. Women are also prevented from leaving their homes without a headscarf, and in the event of a violation, their legal guardian (father, brother or mother) will be held accountable.”

The statement stated that it is forbidden to give gifts on the occasion of the wedding, the New Year and the blessed Eid al-Adha, but gifts at wedding parties are limited to rice, qormeh and bread only. The movement allowed the groom to buy gold, and the value of the dowry was determined by the people and the clergy.


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