Taliban closed the only women’s library in Kabul “due to their threats”

Women’s Library in Kabul have confirmed that they were forced to close this special library for women due to frequent threats from the security agents of the third district of the Taliban.


The Women’s Library was opened in Kabul about seven months ago with 5,000 volumes of books in various fields for women and girls.


Leila Basim, one of the founders and officials of the women’s library, told that in the past two months, the Taliban security agents sealed the women’s library three times, but they still went there until the managers of the library were forced to close it after the severe security threats from the Taliban. she said that they have been interrogated many times by Taliban forces.


The Women’s Library was established with the financial assistance of “Crystal Bayat Foundation” and operated privately in Kabul.


Mrs. Basim wrote in a Facebook post:  the women’s library was officially closed. We emptied the shelves, locked the door and brought the books home. “Unfortunately, in the days when the bell of enmity with knowledge is heard from everywhere and our land is plunged into darkness.


In the continuation of this post, she wrote: “The women’s library was not just a library for the women of Kabul. At a time when women are confined to their homes and are among the victims of ignorance, extremism and dark thinking, a group of Kabul women used to gather in the women’s library every now and then, read books, talk and discuss their struggles and demands.

They are girls and women that gates of the school are closed to them and they are prohibited from working.”


one of the other officials of this library, said that not only the pressure of the Taliban but also economic problems were the reasons for the closure of this library.

According to Taliban, schools above sixth grade and universities are closed for girls, this library had become a “center of hope” for them.

They say they have approached the Ministry of Information and Culture of Taliban three times to obtain a license to continue the activities of this library, but each time they received a rejection.

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