The Cleansocide in Palestine and the American Congress

Part of the strategy of the American elite has been the maintenance of hegemony without any leverage for the weak and colonized.

Inasmuch as it is heart-breaking for any Palestinian or knowledgeable person to watch the deliberations at the American Congress with regard to Palestine, one needs to sit back and deconstruct not only the spectacle of the deliberation but rather the political context, administrative mechanism, and impact of the results generated by the American political elite as well. 

Arguing that their political behavior stems from ignorance wouldn’t be sufficiently convincing, for one would need also to focus on the work of interest groups, lobbyists, and donations to the party, in general, the (candidates) congresspeople, in particular, and their economic and religious ties with “Israel’s” lobby. One most recent example of such resolutions was the vote of Congress 418-0-1, approving the “condemnation of sexual violence committed by Hamas in their war with Israel.”

Even if we ignored the proposal tabled, the House totally overlooked all evidence provided about the events of 07.10.2023 which proved that the version provided by the Israeli occupation was, to say the least, very economical with the truth and totally ignored the document issued by Hamas’ political wing titled “Our Vision”.

This demonstrates their brutal way of thinking and their arrogant belief that they are entitled to portray the world only according to their vision, to dominate, no matter how false or cruel it is.

To ask how deep their knowledge might be of history, in general, and the history of Palestine, in particular, wouldn’t be conducive sinceit is part of their “job” to create structures of disinformation relevant to their political agenda to justify their acts in a way either to manufacture some consensus or at least to serve their interest in their constituency and one that is supposed to be justifying their acts in a way they could try to manufacture some consent. Here, it is crucial to mention the role of American mainstream media, which traditionally played a central role in constructing an ignorant American base. The practice of the American media has come increasingly to the fore in the way in which the ideological media is at the center of the struggle for peoples’ minds and views. 

Within this framework, we notice the supremacist narrative and a process of subjugation and refusal even to hear, let alone accept the narrative of the other – in this case, the oppressed Palestinians.

While the Americans inherited the role of the ally of the Zionist oppressor from Imperial Britain, especially after the aggression on the Suez Canal in 1956, they have been taking part in the inhumane discourse about the Palestinian people to ensure that they are not to be treated as an equal group.    

Not only has the supposedly American-led so-called “Civilized World” been for over 75 years condoning the Israeli “state” terror (against Palestine & Palestinians) by supporting it financially and arming it to the teeth, it also seems to be out of tune with the changing public opinion trends and awareness, including in America itself as evidenced in the streets, as well as in the new (social) media by the young generation whom they thought they could control and manipulate their patterns of thinking or their set of values with regard to human rights, thus presenting themselves as political idols. 

Part of the strategy of the American elite has been the maintenance of hegemony without any leverage for the weak and colonized, and above all their self-conviction that the oppressed should remain oppressed eternally and shouldn’t be thinking of ways, albeit simple, of equalization, liberation, and independence. 

Part of the trauma inflicted by this pattern of supremacist thinking became apparent when one or two parties representing the colonized Palestinian people (Hamas and PFLP and perhaps others) decided to adopt a minuscule of the violent methods practiced against them for the last eight decades and violently retaliate or counter (on 07.10.2023) the violence of the colonizer. 

Regardless of what exactly happened on 07.10 (which should, and I believe will be investigated professionally by the UN/ICJ/ICC), this official “West” has been up in arms against the colonized Palestinians and attempting to oppress them further for daring to use some of the methods they [the West] and their regional agent (Israeli occupation) have been using. It is glaringly obvious that their thoughts have been screaming: “You must remain oppressed silently.”

How dare you use some of our methods and not accept your misery forever and always? We are the masters of your oppressors, and you should never dare to destabilize the hegemonic power structure we impose. And if you do dare, then we shall become more heavy-handed with you for you are threatening our (economic) interests.

The one-sided, misleading, and racist text presented to Congress and approved portrays yet again the superficial and supremacist “Us and Them” and “Good and Evil” with a clear finger pointing at Hamas as the “evil perpetrator”, while at the point of voting at Congress, a full-scale Cleansocide (Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing) have been perpetrated and is still being carried out by the Israeli occupation in the Gaza strip with crimes including shelling hospitals, the forced displacement of the civilian population, physical destruction of most buildings (public and residential) in the Gaza strip, cutting water supply, fuel, medicine, electricity (power), and internet connectivity, and over 100,000 Palestinians (30,000) slaughtered with the rest injured and thousands of amputations taking place, most without anesthetic, and other serious injuries. This is the case, in addition to the lack of hygiene, open sewage, the spread of diseases, destruction of schools, and paralysis of the educational process, as well as thousands of bodies dead and some possibly alive left to face slow death (without the minimal chance of being rescued) buried under the rubble or snatched by animals. 

In addition, men and women have been tortured and paraded in public in the most sadistic and demeaning manner designed to humiliate human life on global screens with the support of the Biden administration.

The proposal, which was tabled and passed, includes disinformation and is part and parcel of a deliberate negative campaign against the Palestinian people, aimed at supporting Cleansocide in the Gaza Strip. The proposal:

“(1) condemns all rape and forms of sexual violence as weapons of war, including those acts committed by Hamas terrorists on and since October 7th; they do not include acts of rape committed against Palestinian women and children in Israeli jails. 

(2) calls on all nations to criminalize rape and sexual assault and hold accountable all perpetrators of sexual violence, including state and non-state armed groups; [of course this does not include such crimes committed by the Americans themselves in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq]. 

(3) calls on all international bodies to unequivocally condemn the barbaric murder, rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping by Hamas and other terrorists on and since October 7th and hold accountable all perpetrators;

(4) reaffirms the United States Government’s support for independent, impartial investigations of rape and sexual violence committed by Hamas on and since October 7th; and

(5) reaffirms its commitment to supporting survivors of rape and sexual violence, including those brutalized on and since October 7.”

The text focuses on “rape and sex” and only that of those who are “similar to them” (the Israelis) and is extremely limited in scope, geography, and demography. It couldn’t have been more racially motivated. They wouldn’t of course even think about the fact the Israeli occupation has been raping the land of Palestine as it features repeatedly in Palestinian literature, oppressing its women, men, and children systematically. Not only did 418 Congress members vote in favor of this proposal, but they also launched an attack on the only Palestinian member of Congress (Rashida Tlaib) for not voting in favor of this denigrating and despicably biased text. Asking Tlaib to approve this text is like asking a raped woman to continue to accept being raped silently forever.

The Israeli occupation, supported by the global Zionist movement and American elite, has been perpetrating a Cleansocide for decades in Palestine, in general, and in the then-occupied and besieged Gaza Strip for decades. 

Members of the American Congress should be aware that the whole world is watching them bring into disrepute all their hypocritical theories of morality and the principles of international humanitarian law.

They will also come to realize that all those who have been taking part in crimes of Cleansocide will be brought to justice no matter how long it will take and possibly in the same manner that Jewish Holocaust survivors hunted Nazis. The Palestinians and their allies will hunt the children and grandchildren of Europe’s survivors and bring them to justice no matter how long it will take.




Makram Khoury-Machool

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