Third front enters the war raging within the Brotherhood

Well-informed Egyptian sources revealed the developments of the conflict within the organization, describing it as “crazy”, explaining that Mahmoud Hussein’s front, residing in Istanbul, sent a few days ago an internal statement to the Brotherhood’s people in various countries, warning them against declaring support Ibrahim Mounir and his group, and that the matter exposes them to the final separation from the group.

Ibrahim Munir had issued a similar statement in which he warned against the followers of the Istanbul group, and said that they are the “group-seeking” group, and anyone who follows them will be dealt with decisively by the internal investigation committees, and it may even lead to his dismissal as well.

According to the source, the statement, which was circulated internally, identified several consequences for declaring support for the London group, the first of which is the formation of committees to follow up on all platforms of the organization’s leaders, people’s officials and prominent members, monitor everything that is published on them, and transfer violators to investigation committees to separate them permanently.

Expected outcomes

In light of the increasingly complex crisis day after day, the majority of expectations are likely to cause the historical organizational structure of the group to be blown up and completely diverted, while the sources expect two scenarios for the crisis. The first is the separation of Mahmoud Hussein’s group, under the umbrella of the Guidance Office, and separation from the international organization, Which is currently headed by Ibrahim Munir, and the position of the branches in various countries depends on the personal loyalties of the two parties to the conflict.

The second is the ability of a group of historical leaders led by Hussein to resolve the internal conflict, especially after the announcement of the leader, Mustafa Tolba, who is affiliated with the Istanbul Front, as head of the acting committee of the General Guide.

According to the Egyptian researcher specializing in political Islam, Amr Farouk, the internal crisis in the Brotherhood is a candidate for further escalation and rivalry during the coming period, especially since the two sides of the conflict will not compromise their positions, which is reflected in the statements issued by them, and the continuous escalation at the media and organizational level.

Recently, the so-called internal conflict in the terrorist organization has been promoted between the fronts of Ibrahim Munir, the acting guide and residing in Britain, and Mahmoud Hussein, the leader of the organization and his group, residing in Turkey.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Farouk says that the current data is pushing in two directions, the first is for the group of historical leaders led by Hussein to separate and resort to the inauguration of a new branch of the group headed by him, away from Munir’s control, and to exploit in this its ability to mobilize the bases to support it, and the second is to succeed Munir resolved the differences in his favor, and attempts to remove him from his position and withdraw confidence from him continue.

The media has been in a state of upheaval since the acting General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ibrahim Mounir, officially announced the decision to dissolve the Administrative Office for Organization Affairs in Turkey, as well as the Qatar Shura Council, last June, as well as postponing the internal elections that were expected to be held within weeks to choose members of the Council General Shura, for a period of six months.


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