Three Palestinians martyrs shot dead by IOF during Nablus raid

Israeli media say Israeli occupation special forces assassinated the Palestinians who had allegedly carried out the Jordan Valley operation on April 7.

At least three Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupation gunfire and several others were injured on Thursday during the storming of the Old Town of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed.

According to the Ministry, the faces of two martyrs were completely disfigured due to the seriousness of their injury sustained from the extensive gunfire, which makes their identities hard to identify.

Local media said a large number of Israeli occupation forces raided the Al-Yasmina neighborhood this morning and besieged a Palestinian house.

Following the raid, confrontations erupted between Palestinian Resistance fighters and Israeli occupation forces, as smoke plums rose from the besieged house after occupation forces used shoulder-fired guided missiles to target the house, amid loud explosions heard.

The media said an Israeli occupation special forces unit infiltrated the Old City dressed in civilian clothes before additional reinforcements were sent.

The spokesperson for the Palestinian Red Crescent, Ahmed Jibril, reported earlier several injuries, some critical, while occupation soldiers completely closed the area, preventing medical crews from approaching the area to treat the injured.

The mosques in Nablus called on Palestinians to take to the streets and confront the invading Israeli occupation forces.

A spokesperson for the Israeli military said the occupation forces carried out a military activity inside the Old City of Nablus to arrest one Palestinian.

The Israeli Kan channel said the “Yamam Special Forces” assassinated two Palestinians in Nablus who had allegedly carried out the Jordan Valley operation on April 7, in which three illegal settlers were killed. The occupation forces also killed a third Palestinian who was accompanying the two martyrs.

In a related context, Israeli occupation forces carried out a campaign of raids, targeting several cities in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that nine Palestinians were injured, while dozens others suffocated, during the confrontations that erupted in the towns of Beit Rima and Nabi Saleh, northwest of occupied Ramallah.

The news agency said dozens of Palestinians suffocated after Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas bombs fired at them.

Local sources said occupation forces set a Palestinian vehicle on fire and damaged property owned by Palestinian citizens.

In a similar context, the Nablus Brigade – Al-Quds Brigades confirmed targeting the occupation’s “Gerizim” point in the city with heavy bullets, as part of its response to the assassination of Sheikh Khader Adnan.

Earlier, the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza opened fire at two Israeli occupation drones in the south and north of the Strip.

On its part, the Mujahideen Brigade also said that its fighters targeted the same military point.

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