Truce in Gaza Ends Without Extension, ‘Israel’ Resumes War

Israeli occupation war jets pursue their airstrikes across the Gaza Strip as the Resistance confronts invading Israeli forces at the front lines.

The temporary truce between the Resistance in Gaza and the Israeli occupation entity, brokered by Qatar and Egypt, expired at 7:00 am Friday without any announcement of its extension.

Shortly after, “Israel” renewed its aggression across Gaza, bombing the Strip indiscriminately.

Palestinian media sources reported that 8 martyrs were killed as a result of the occupation aircraft bombing several areas in the Gaza Strip, including Al-Aqsa TV cameraman Abdallah Darwish who was martyred in the occupation raids on the Gaza Strip.

Over the past seven days, there have been seven rounds of indirect prisoner exchanges between the Resistance in Gaza and the Israeli entity, in accordance with the truce terms. The terms stipulated the release of 3 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisoners in exchange for one Israeli captive handed over by the Resistance.

The ceasefire had been in effect since November 24, initially scheduled for a duration of 4 days, which was subsequently extended twice—first for two days and then for a single day. However, it was not extended for a third time.

Back to war

Israeli media outlets cited political sources as saying that the Israeli military had returned to the state of war, referring to the renewal of the war on Gaza.


The news outlets also mentioned that settlers in the Gaza envelope were instructed to stay near fortified locations, while residents of “Ashkelon,” “Ashdod,” and the “Gush Dan” area were reminded of safety directives.

This comes as Israeli media report sirens sounding every now and then in the Gaza envelope settlements.

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