Tunisia: Erdogan’s statements constitute intervention in our internal affairs

Tunisian Foreign Ministry announced its rejection of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements regarding the dissolution of the Tunisian Parliament.

The ministry expressed its great astonishment at the recent statement made by the Turkish president.

The ministry said in a statement that it “considers this statement as an unacceptable interference in the internal affairs, and it completely contradicts the fraternal ties that unite the two countries and nations, as well as the principle of mutual respect in relations between countries.”

The ministry added that while Tunisia is committed to the principles of its foreign policy and is keen to build close ties with neighbouring and friendly countries based on cooperation, solidarity, consultation and mutual trust, it also “affirms its keenness on close relations with friendly countries but adheres to the independence of its decision and rejects interference in its sovereignty.”

The Turkish president had said earlier that the dissolution of parliament in Tunisia constitutes a “blow to the will of the Tunisian people.”

The ministry stressed that Tunisia is a free and independent country in which the people are sovereign and are the only ones authorized to choose the path of real freedom that preserves their security, protects their dignity, supports their rights, enhances all their gains, and breaks ties with the remnants of the past and the path of a sham democracy that has nothing to do with the will of Tunisians.”

Tunisian President Kais Saied announced on 30 March that he had dissolved parliament, in a move he said was “to preserve the state”. The announcement came hours after MPs held an online meeting during which they formally “annulled” the “exceptional measures” introduced by Saied on 25 July last year, when he dismissed the prime minister and “froze” parliamentary activities. His political opponents describe the move as a “coup” against the Constitution.


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