Tunisia: Former Minister in Brotherhood Government Muhammad al-Amin al-Shukri Arrested for Financial Corruption

In a recent development reported by Tunisian press sources, the Public Prosecution within the financial judicial pole has granted authorization for the detention of Muhammad al-Amin al-Shukhari, the former Minister of Industry during the period of the government led by Ennahda Movement, which is affiliated with the Brotherhood.

This decision comes in response to suspicions of financial corruption.

The arrest of the former Minister of Industry appears to be connected to ongoing investigations involving Abdul Karim Al-Harouni, the former Minister of Transport and a prominent figure in the Brotherhood’s Renaissance Movement, as well as former officials of a government oil corporation.

These investigations are primarily focused on allegations related to financial and administrative corruption, as well as money laundering.

Muhammad al-Amin al-Shukhari had served as the Minister of Industry in the Ennahda-led government from late 2011 to early 2013.

Notably, just last Tuesday, security authorities detained Abdul Karim Al-Harouni, who serves as the head of the Shura Council within the Ennahda Movement.

This followed his placement under house arrest for a period of two days.

The Tunisian authorities have also arrested former officials from a government oil corporation, all are under suspicion of being involved in financial and administrative corruption, as well as money laundering activities.

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