Tunisia-President Kaïs Saïed refuses to deal with the new cabinet reshuffle

Tunisia-President, Kaïs Saïed, welcomed this Wednesday, February 3, 2021, UGTT Secretary General Noureddine Taboubi at Carthage presidential palace to address the general situation in the country, in special the political one.

In a video issued by the Presidency of the Republic, the head of state affirmed that he is not responsible for the current crisis, emphasizing that since his inauguration, he has been living at the rate of consultations, either for the establishment of a government, its downfall or its reshuffle. “When I spoke of maneuvers, by that I meant modifications made on the basis of the new alliances and not on a prior evaluation as they pretend. I remain even to myself and I uphold my engagements to the people, the miserable, ”said the head of state.

“Today they just have to fulfil their vows and oaths if they’re honest. And if some people believe that taking the oath is a simple procedure, they can likewise regard the profession of faith on Judgment Day as a simple procedure too, ”he adds.

According to the presidential statement accompanying the meeting, the President of the Republic reiterated his solid stance with regard to the cabinet reshuffle based on respect for the Constitution. He added that he respects the national role of the trade union and continues to be attached to the principles and choices that he is bound to respect in front of the people, emphasizing that any dialogue must be done within the framework of these clear principles and these choices unequivocally.

Furthermore, he ensured that he is ready for all potential solutions, but that he is not ready to go back on his principles. “They speak about the principle of ‘impossible procedure’, but they overlook that it is a principle of administrative law and not a constitutional one. I am ready for dialogue, but not with those who have broke Tunisians for decades ”.

On the other hand, he maintained on his absolute respect for the Constitution, and his rejection of all overruns recorded on the basis of texts having a lower rank.


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