Tunisian President: “We will be uncompromising with those who seek to harm the state”

President Kais Saied expressed his rejection of any attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Tunisia.

Speaking as he presided over Cabinet meeting Saturday at the Palace of Carthage, he stressed the indivisibility of the state and its laws and the unity of its people.

The President of the Republic said he will be uncompromising with those who seek to harm the state or instrumentalize its apparatuses for personal gain. “The services of the state must remain public and neutral,” he said.

In addition, President Saied sent a reassuring message to businessmen, saying penal reconciliation aims primarily to recover “money stolen from the Tunisian people.”

He urged “honest” judges to take initiatives and be a force of proposal, calling them to actively contribute to the reform of the sector to establish a fair justice.

He also called for drafting new provisions organizing the distribution channels of commodities and accelerating the establishment of the Higher Council of Education.


Arab Observer



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