Turkish regime sends two military cargo planes to Libya

Al-Marsad newspaper reported that two Turkish A400 military cargo planes had landed from Ankara in Misurata and Al-Watiya bases.

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, made sharp statements to Turkey, asking it to choose between leaving peacefully from Libya or war, considering that “a decisive confrontation between the two sides began to appear.”

The Marshal said, in a speech delivered during a ceremony organized in the city of Benghazi by the General Command of the Libyan National Army on the 69th anniversary of Libya’s independence: “Independence has no value, freedom has no meaning, no security, no peace, while the feet of the Turkish army contaminate our pure land. There is no choice for the occupying enemy. Unless they leave peacefully and voluntarily or by force of arms and strong will. ”

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar during his speech in Benina IN the 69th anniversary of Libyan independence 

The General Commander continued his speech to Turkey: “The era of your colonial illusions is over, and you must choose whether to leave or war.”

Haftar considered that “Turkey and its mercenaries are continuing to mobilize for the war, a war in which if the first bullet is fired in it, let them prepare for certain death.”

“There is no peace in the shadow of the colonizer, and with his presence on our land, we will take up arms to make peace in our hands and with our free will.” He added. “We will make it with our heroic army that knows nothing but victory and chased terrorists from Benghazi and the south until they took refuge among the people of Tripoli.”

“The aggressor did not stop sending mercenaries and weapons of all kinds, declaring war on the Libyans, defying the Libyan will, and underestimating human values.” He said.

Haftar called on “the heroic officers and soldiers and all Libyans to prepare as long as Turkey rejects the logic of peace, in order to expel the colonizer with will and peace.”

Part of the Libyan National Army units in a military parade marking the 69th anniversary of Libya’s independence 

The Field Marshal stressed that “the decisive confrontation has begun to appear on the horizon, with the monitoring of maneuvers and mobilization of Turkish mercenaries and their recruits near the contact lines, the accumulation of weapons and equipment and the building of bases and military operation rooms.”


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