U.S. insists on shedding more blood in Gaza: ‘We are still against ceasefire’

The White House has reiterated that the US does not support a ceasefire in Gaza, claiming that it would only benefit Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.


“We don’t support a ceasefire at this time. And there’s no change to that, because we don’t believe it benefits anybody but Hamas right now,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says in a briefing with reporters late on Tuesday.


Kirby further said the US supports “humanitarian pauses but not a general ceasefire right now.”

Regarding journalists killed by the Zionist regime’s strikes in Gaza, he claimed “We’ve seen no indication that Israel is [maliciously attempting to kill journalists]. We continue to stand by the protection of journalists anywhere in the war, certainly when covering conflict.”


US President Joe Biden also previously rejected the idea that the Zionist regime is committing genocide in Gaza and supported the occupying entity’s war against Palestinian women and children.

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