UAE calls on Qatar to meetِ the needs of its citizens instead of “financing terrorism”

The UAE has asked the Qatari government to meet the needs of Qatari citizens instead of allocating funds to aid directed towards the financing of terrorism.

The UAE urged Qatar to “put an end to hate speech programs in the national media, as this poses a threat to the security of all countries in the region, including Qatar,” in a speech delivered by Amira Al Ameri from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to the Human Rights Council. Adoption of the national report of Qatar at the forty-second session of the Human Rights Council, according to the newspaper “Emirates Today”.
Al-Amiri said at the outset that the UAE took note of the findings of the UPR team and, in this context, would like to urge Qatar once again to give due attention and attention to the 92 recommendations, including recommendations made by Qatar. Of the United Arab Emirates relating to the illegal acts of Qatar in harboring and supporting terrorist groups, as a violation of human rights. “

At the end of the State’s address to the Human Rights Council, Amira Al Amri said that the UAE hopes that “Qatar will listen to the distress appeals made by thousands of Ghofran stripped of their nationality and stop expelling some tribes, including children, without regard to minimum standards.” International human rights law. “

The Qatari Foreign Minister, Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman, commented on the attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, and wrote in a tweet on Twitter: “We condemn the attacks on vital and civil facilities and most recent Abqaiq,” calling for the cessation of “wars and conflicts” as well as “united efforts To achieve common collective security in the region. “

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