UAE Pledges $15 Million to Help Rebuild Jenin Refugee Camp

The Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Sheikh Abdullah Ben Zayed informed UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini yesterday that the UAE will contribute $15 million to help the Agency respond to the most urgent needs of Palestine Refugees in Jenin camp.


“The UAE is the first country to show its support to UNRWA this week, in the face of the immense destruction in the Jenin camp. I am truly grateful for this renewed show of solidarity towards Palestine Refugees, something the UAE has long been known for.


The funds will allow the Agency to undertake immediate rehabilitation and repair work inside the camp, including to the Agency’s health center and to homes that were destroyed or severely damaged,” said the UNRWA Commissioner-General.


Over the years, the UAE has generously contributed to the work of UNRWA in support of Palestine Refugees. In 2002, it fully covered the rebuilding of the Jenin camp following a previous round of conflict.


Infrastructure such as roads, and water and electricity networks suffered significant destruction following a two-day Israeli military aggression that came to an end on 4 July.


Assessments are ongoing to determine the scope of the damage and the amount of funds required to restore services, rehabilitate damaged installations and provide immediate support to refugees whose homes were damaged or destroyed.


“The government and people of the UAE have been major and longstanding supporters of UNRWA and its work for Palestine Refugees. I look forward to continuing this partnership, with the message it sends to the refugees that they are not alone,” concluded Lazzarini.

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