Ukrainian Missile Fell in Belarus Territory

Minsk claimed that a Soviet-era air defense missile was fired from Ukraine and landed in Belarus after Ukraine was hit by a barrage of Russian missiles.

Belarusian and Russian media reported on Thursday that a Ukrainian missile had crossed into Belarus’ territory. 

The reports came shortly after Russia launched one of its largest missile attacks against Ukraine since the war started in February, with Kyiv saying more than 60 missiles had been fired on Ukrainian cities.

Minsk’s key ally Moscow is reportedly sending officials to investigate the incident. There were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries.

“Locals have absolutely nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, these things happen,” a military official was quoted as saying by Belarus’ state media.

A Telegram channel affiliated with the Belarusian presidential press service said the missile could have accidentally veered off course.

Minsk’s state-run BelTa news agency said Belarusian air defense forces shot down an S-300 missile that had come from Ukraine and landed in Belarus. The Soviet-era air defense missile is used by both Russia and Ukraine.

Moscow appears to use repurposed S-300 missiles to attack ground targets, while Kyiv uses the system to intercept incoming Russian missiles. 

In November, an S-300 missile believed to have been fired by Ukrainian air defenses crashed near the western Polish border town of Przewodow, killing two people.

In February, Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine from Belarus, although Minsk has insisted that it is not involved in the war. 

Still, Belarus is supporting Russia and is believed to be secretly training newly mobilized Russian soldiers, according to British intelligence.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said joint military drills with Russia were not aimed at Ukraine, and claimed that he could not rule out “aggression” against Belarus on the part of unspecified “neighbors.” 

In recent weeks, Ukrainian officials have raised concerns after a fresh deployment of Russian troops to Belarus. Kyiv sees the move as signaling a new attack on Ukraine via Belarusian territory.



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