United Nations: The People of Gaza Live in A cycle of Death, Destruction and Disease

United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, said that there is no safe place for the residents of the Gaza Strip to go, and they live in a cycle of death, destruction and disease.

Griffiths added in a statement on Friday that the last week showed what can happen “when the weapons are silent,” and that the situation in Khan Yunis is a shocking reminder of what happens when the weapons are not silent.

He pointed out that all residents of Gaza, led by children, women and men, are living in terror in the second month of the Israeli aggression.

He continued in his statement: “A large number were killed and injured within hours today. Families were again instructed to evacuate, and hopes collapsed.”

He stressed the need to increase humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and achieve a humanitarian ceasefire.

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