UNRWA Chokes Aid Delivery to North Gaza, Assisting in Ethnic Cleansing

UN agency is hurdling the delivery of more than 90 aid trucks intended for the northern Gaza Strip, highlighting UNRWA's collusion with the Israeli ethnic cleansing policy.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is hampering the implementation of the delivery of aid trucks to the northern Gaza Strip, sources told our reporters. 

Our sources revealed that only 3 out of 100 trucks loaded with aid arrived at areas in northern Gaza.

UNRWA has proven time and again that it is colluding with the Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing the northern part of Gaza during the period of the aggression on the Strip, as the head of the Government Media Office Salamah Maarouf said on October 31.

Maarouf said that UNRWA and its officials are not living up to their obligations and that they are conspiring with “Israel” which seeks to forcibly displace Palestinians from the Gaza Strip.

On his part, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qudra, said that the UN agency has turned its back on the residents of the Gaza Strip in general, leaving children unvaccinated, and terminally ill individuals without medication, as well as neglecting the needs o hospitals all over the Gaza Strip.

Footage circulated on social media platforms, depicting UNRWA storage rooms filled with aid, while Palestinians are being killed by the Israeli war machine.

Moreover, since the first few days of the aggression on the Gaza Strip, UNRWA succumbed to the occupation’s threats and worked on evacuating its headquarters. The UN agency also transferred its operations headquarters from the northern part of the Gaza Strip to the southern part. It also failed to provide refugees whom it abandoned with alternatives.

UNRWA’s headquarters have been one of the few safe places that Gazans could take refuge in during “Israel’s” indiscriminate aggression on the Gaza Strip. However, the agency’s centers are now underprepared, as they lack basic necessities.

Furthermore, the Israeli occupation has broken international law and covenants, targeting the agency’s centers on multiple occasions.

In the Gaza Strip, about 18 international institutions and organizations are currently active in the relief sector, working to improve the humanitarian and living conditions of the population.

Among the prominent organizations is UNRWA, which is responsible for providing services to approximately 75% of the population in the Gaza Strip. It was also the first international organization to announce its withdrawal from its role in the northern Gaza Strip.

Wael Abu Mohsen, a Palestinian media official at the Rafah border crossing, confirmed to Al Mayadeen that the amount of aid scheduled to enter the Gaza Strip in the next four days will not meet the needs of the Strip’s residents.

Fuel trucks began entering the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing following the temporary truce that came into effect this morning, which will last for four days. The truce includes a prisoner exchange deal between the Palestinian Resistance and “Israel”, based on a 1 to 3 formula, that will see the release of 150 Palestinian children and women from Israeli prisons. The Gaza Strip will also receive relief aid and fuel.

He explained that it is expected that 200 trucks will enter Gaza, saying that 90 trucks have arrived so far. Among them, four trucks carry 84 tons of propane, while three others carry 150,000 liters of diesel.

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