US-UK Aggression on Yemen Renewed: 11 Raids on Hodeidah in Past Hours

The US-UK aggression has been renewed on Hodeidah, targeting the Jabbanah and Kutaib towns, and intensifying aerial flights over the governate.

The US-UK aggression on Yemen has been renewed, with raids targeting the towns of al-Jabbanah and al-Kutaib in north Hodeidah, on the Red Sea coast. 

Our reporters noted that the aggression also targeted Taif in the al-Durayhimi district, south of Hodeidah, emphasizing the condensed warplane activity hovering over the governate. 

This increased the total number of US-British raids on Hodeidah to 11 over the past hours alone. 

The renewed US-UK aggression on Hodeidah comes shortly after the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, confirmed that US-British attacks on Yemen will not succeed in reducing the capabilities of the Yemeni armed forces, pointing out that the 86 attacks targeted Yemen this week.

Talking our reporters, Quhim stressed that “even if the forces of aggression bring the whole world together [to face Yemen], they will not be able to prevent Yemen from supporting the cause.”

The governor of Hodeidah, Mohammed Ayyash Quhim, also affirmed that Yemen will prevail in supporting the humanitarian cause of the Palestinian people against the aggressors, stressing that no power in the world can prevent it from supporting Gaza.

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