Violent clashes between militias in the Libyan capital, Tripoli

Violent clashes erupted in the vicinity of Al-Furnaj Island, between the “777 Militia”, which was recently founded by Haitham Al-Tajouri, and a force affiliated with the “Deterrence Militia”.

Never ending confrontations

The Libyan capital was also the scene of a series of clashes with light and medium weapons between armed groups, including “Al-Baqara”, “Deterrence”, “Gniwa”, “444 Militia”, “Tripoli Revolutionaries”, “Battalion 301”, and “Stabilization Support Agency”, It has been taking place regularly since November last year.

The sources also said that a convoy of 30 armed cars entered the Libyan capital from the south, specifically at Qasr Bin Ghashir, and crossed the road in front of the Tripoli Club headquarters, in conjunction with those confrontations.

According to experts in Libyan affairs, the clashes aim for each militia to control the largest number of areas of influence; To use it in negotiations with any future government, and to reserve political and financial gains.

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Tripoli at the mercy of militias

The Libyan politician, Faraj Yassin, said that Tripoli is at the mercy of militias fighting over power and money, warning of the widening of the conflict, which has unimaginable consequences.

Speaking to our reporters, Yassin stressed that the security problem remains a stumbling block for Libya to restore the state, and therefore there is no other solution than to disarm and dismantle these militias, and remove mercenaries and foreign fighters.

Military expert Othman Al-Mukhtar held the current government responsible for the “militias’ incursion” in the capital, as it ignored their movements, and sometimes even went to “rely on them.”

He continued, “The diagnosis of the Libyan crisis from the beginning was wrong because the crisis was dealt with as political, and it is mainly security, and before talking about the political track and the elections, the militias should have been disarmed as a basis for a solution.”

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But Libya needs the assistance of the international community more effectively towards the militias and their nails, and the talk of the military expert who stressed the need to prevent them from imposing any agenda or finding a foothold for them in the road map, which is demanded by the Libyan people.


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