Vladimir Putin: “We will not allow our historical lands to be threatened”

After Germany’s decision to send Leopard tanks in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stressed that Moscow will not allow its historic lands to be threatened.

Today, Wednesday, he added that “Russia was born as a multinational country”, noting that “the purpose of the military operation in Ukraine is protecting Russia”.

For its part, the Russian embassy in Berlin called Germany’s decision to supply Ukraine with Leopard tanks “very dangerous”.

Scholz indicated that in Germany was training Ukrainian forces, adding that Berlin would also supply logistical materials and ammunition, as well as 14 Leopard tanks.

Sputnik news agency quoted the embassy as saying Germany’s decision takes the conflict to a “new level of confrontation”. as much as possible. We are moving in closely coordinated manner at the international level.” .

Kiev heavy tanks

Several countries, including Poland, Finland and the Netherlands have expressed their willingness to deliver these heavy tanks, which Kyiv he asks insistently.

The United States is expected to announce the supply of Abrams tanks to Ukraine, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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