World Health Organization: Beware the “instant second peak” of the epidemic

At a time when many countries of the world continue to ease the restrictions of quarantine imposed on citizens due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the World Health Organization warned, on Monday, that countries experiencing a decline in injuries With the emerging corona virus You still face the risk of an “instant second peak” if you stop the disease from halting the disease outbreak faster than necessary.

“The world is still in the midst of the first wave of the outbreak,” said Mike Ryan, head of the organization’s emergencies, in an online press conference, noting that while casualties are declining in many countries, numbers are moving upward in Central and South America and South Asia. And Africa.

Ryan also added that epidemics often come in waves, which means that outbreaks may return later this year in places where the first wave subsided. There is also a possibility that infection rates may increase again at a faster rate if measures to stop the first wave are lifted sooner than necessary.

He said: “When we talk about a second wave, what we mean most of the time is that there will be a first wave of its own, and then (disease) returns after months. This may be a reality in many countries in a period measured in months.”

“Jump anytime”

To that he explained: “But we also need to be aware of the fact that the (frequency) of the disease can increase in the form of a jump at any time. We cannot make assumptions that just because the disease is in the direction of decline now it will continue to go down and that we get a number of The months to prepare for a second wave. We may face a second peak in this wave. ”

He noted that Europe and North America should continue to impose public health, social and surveillance measures, testing, and a comprehensive strategy to ensure that we continue on the downward path, and that there is no immediate second peak.

Many European countries and US states have taken steps in recent weeks to lift the closure measures that have limited the spread of the disease but have caused severe damage to the economy.

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