Yemen Armed Forces Spox Says US Ship Targeted in ‘Initial Response’

The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson, Yahya Saree, announced in a statement that the Yemeni Armed Forces targeted an American ship using ballistic and naval missiles, as well as drones.

The spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces announced that the Navy, the Missile Force, and the Drone Air Force in the Yemeni Armed Forces, “executed a joint military operation involving a large number of ballistic and naval missiles and drones, targeting an American ship that was providing support to the Zionist entity.”

According to the spokesperson, the operation also marked the “initial response” of the Yemeni Armed Forces following the US attack on Yemeni Forces, earlier, which resulted in the martyrdom of 10 members of the Yemeni Navy.

Moreover, during the press release, Saree stressed that “the Yemeni Armed Forces affirm that they will not hesitate to appropriately deal with all hostile threats under the legitimate right of defending our country, our people, and our nation.”

To conclude the press briefing, he reminded the world that the Yemeni Armed Forces would continue to stand with Palestine and “prevent Israeli ships or those headed to the ports of occupied Palestine from navigating in the Arabian and Red Seas until the aggression stops and the siege on our steadfast brothers in the Gaza Strip is lifted.”

The maritime routes for all other vessels and purposes continue to be safe and secured by the Yemeni Armed Forces.

UAE to target non-Israeli related ships & pin it on Yemen: Ansar Allah

The Secretary-General of the Ansar Allah Movement’s Political Bureau, Fadl Abu Talib, revealed on  Tuesday, that “the UAE, through its mercenaries in Yemen, is making arrangements to target commercial ships not destined for the Israeli occupation entity.”

The Ansar Allah official also stressed that “the UAE’s despicable method is blatant and exposed,” and that “our operations in the Red and Arabian Seas have specific and clear objectives.”

Abu Talib, in a post on X, confirmed that the UAE is doing this “to shuffle the cards and provide the Americans with justification to militarize the Red Sea.”

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