20 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes in Rafah

Israeli strikes on a civilian crowd in Rafah have killed at least 20 Palestinians, most of whom were women and children.

Injuries were transported to Kamal Adwan Hospital following heavy artillery shelling on Khan Younis and Tal al-Zaatar in Jabalia.

Local sources revealed that the Israeli occupation forces targeted al-Zamili family home, east of Rafah last night, massacring 16 people.

In the past 24 hours, the Israeli occupation committed 16 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, killing 163 Palestinians and severely injuring 350 others. Several victims of the Israeli terror are still under the rubble and in the streets, knowing that ambulances and civil defense crews are unable to reach them.

In the latest official toll, yesterday, the Ministry of Health in Gaza revealed that the number of Palestinians killed so far in the Israeli aggression on Gaza rose to 24,448, in addition to 61,504 injured, since October 7.

On Wednesday, UN human rights experts revealed that out of 2.2 million Palestinians in Gaza, every single one of them is grappling with hunger and food insecurity.

“Every single person in Gaza is hungry, a quarter of the population is starving and struggling to find food and drinkable water, and famine is imminent. Pregnant women are not receiving adequate nutrition and healthcare, putting their lives at risk.”

A total of 335,000 children under five also lack the needed nutrients, putting them at risk of suffering from physical stunting.

Statistics also showed that 80% of people struggling with famine are situated in Gaza, exhibiting just how catastrophic the humanitarian crisis inflicted by “Israel” has gotten.

UN personnel accused “Israel” of weaponizing starvation against the Gazan population and destroying Gaza’s food system. They regarded the warmongers’ tactics as “unprecedented” as no other entity was known to starve an entire people at such a rapid rate.

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