Resuming Netanyahu’s corruption trial in light of the war

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial is to resume on Monday after a hiatus of more than two months.

As the courts returned regular activity in December, Netanyahu’s trial continues despite the war.

The trial was scheduled to continue through October, but was stalled after October 7, when Israel’s courts were working on an emergency basis following the attack by Hamas against the Israeli southern communities opposite Gaza.

Monday’s court session will begin with testimony from Detective Eran Buchnik from Lahav 433, who investigated Netanyahu’ corruption case. Following Buchnik, the court is to hear testimony from Detective Dotan Malichi and Israel Securities Authority investigator Lior Shpitz.

Some 50 more witnesses are still lined up to testify in the trial, which has been ongoing for four years.

Regional Cooperation Minister David Amsalem criticized the timing of the court’s decision to resume the trial.

“War? Hostages? Evacuees? Economy? Not at all,” he said. “What’s most important now is to renew Netanyahu’s trial and distract the prime minister with absurd testimonies and delusional trifles.”

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