Abeer Moussi: Brotherhood threaten Tunisia’s universities

The head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussi, called on Tunisians to confront the Brotherhood’s penetration in universities, revealing that the Ministry of Higher Education and universities have become spaces controlled by associations suspected of funding.

She demanded, during a protest vigil organized by the party, that its supporters be present, today (Saturday), in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Higher Education in the center of the capital, to scrutinize all the agreements concluded by the Ministry of Higher Education with a number of foreign associations, and to scrutinize the foreign funds and gifts that entered the country and were pumped into the education sector. higher.

Moussi stressed the need to prevent any penetration into the student space and to get rid of the arms of political corruption represented by suspicious associations and branches of foreign associations that pump large sums of money into the country.

It denounced the agreements concluded with some countries and agencies that it described as suspicious, such as the Turkish “TIKA” agency, with which an agreement was concluded to digitize the archives of Al-Zaytoonah University, calling for the severing of these poisoned agreements with suspicious associations that are used as a cover for penetration into the university space, in order to maintain a clean university climate.

She stated that her party’s actions are still ongoing and will include the ministries of Education, Women’s Affairs and Childhood, and all public institutions and bodies involved in the electoral field.

She stressed the need to rid Tunisia of the Brotherhood octopus that is active in undermining national sovereignty and spreading poisons within society by pumping foreign funds to recruit and recruit them.


Arab Observer

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