Abu Obeida: Israeli Force Killed, Injured, Taken Captive in Jabalia

The spokesperson for al-Qassam Brigades makes a landmark announcement on Sunday, regarding the fate of an Israeli force that was ambushed by the Resistance.

Al-Qassam Brigades military spokesperson, Abu Obeida, revealed that al-Qassam’s Resistance fighters killed, wounded, and took captive an Israeli force in northern Gaza.

In an announcement that is expected to have massive ramifications on the Israeli occupation entity, both politically and socially, Abu Obeida said that the Resistance carried out a “complex operation” on Saturday in Jabalia, the first stage of which was luring an Israeli occupation force into a tunnel and ambushing them inside.

The Brigades’ fighters confronted the force at point blank, killing and wounding its members, he said.

Detonating the tunnel behind them, Abu Obeida said that the “fighters then withdrew… having inflicted casualties on all members of the [Israeli] force, leaving them dead, wounded, or captured, and seizing their military equipment.”

After an Israeli reinforcement unit arrived at the scene, the Resistance group targeted it using explosives and confirmed direct hits.

“Every day the enemy continues its aggression against our people and our homeland will come at a high and significant cost, and we will continue to make the enemy pay this price with Allah’s help and support,” he vowed.

“We will persist in confronting the aggression in every street, neighborhood, city, and camp in [Gaza], from Beit Hanoun to Rafah.”

The spokesperson said that more details about the complex operation will be revealed “at the appropriate time.”

Israeli invasion ‘blind’, ‘futile’

Abu Obeida made the landmark announcement at 12:30 am (local time), an unusual timing, pointing to the importance of what was to be revealed. 

The military spokesperson lambasted the Israeli regime for its “blind and futile” policies, aimed at taking revenge on the Palestinian people and destroying the Gaza Strip. Abu Obeida said that the regime is attempting to market the massacres it is committing as markers of victory.

However, he saw that Palestinian Resistance fighters continued to “teach the occupation lessons” on every front in the Gaza Strip. 

The spokesperson pointed specifically to the Israeli attacks on Jabalia and Rafah, saying that Israeli occupation forces’ operations in these areas are another chapter in a long list of Israeli failures. 

Moreover, he spoke of the Israeli military’s attempts to excavate large portions of the areas they invaded, looking for the remains of killed troops and captives, which they had intended to kill in previous attacks. 

He said that thousands of Israeli troops are being pushed into the Gaza Strip for the benefit of Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal ambitions.

Today’s announcement comes following multiple Israeli military campaigns into Jabalia and surrounding areas, which the Israeli occupation forces and political regime claim have been “cleansed” from Resistance fighters.

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