ADEN: Civilian deaths and government forces control large parts of Crater

Yemeni sources told our reporters that four people, including a child, were killed and 10 others were injured when a shell fired by the UAE-backed security belt fell on Zahra Khalil district in Dar Saad district in the southern city of Aden.

Local sources said the presidential protection forces took control of large parts of the Crater area in the city of Aden, amid a decline in the forces of the UAE-backed Transitional Council.

The sources said that the clashes in the Crater area between the parties since yesterday, during which the presidential protection forces were able to expel the transitional forces from the city center and its eastern and western parts.

Photos circulated by activists of the commander of the First Brigade to protect the presidency and leaders loyal to the legitimate government as they wander through the markets and streets of the city this morning.

Other images also showed Yemeni government forces firing control over Jabal Hadid, the largest reservoir of forces loyal to the UAE-backed Transitional Council.

Full control of Camp 20 and 1st Brigade Commander Brigadier General Sanad al-Rahwa wandering in Crater’s revival.

– Mukhtar Al Rahbi (@ alrahbi5) August 9, 2019

In the same context, sources told the island that the coastal defense forces of the legitimate government of Yemen took control of the Abyan coastline from the direction of the Arish area in Aden.

This line is the most important entrance to half of the districts of the province of Aden, namely, the directorates of Khor Maksar, Crater, Mualla and Tawahi.

The deteriorating situation led to the transfer of flights from Aden Airport to Sayun Airport in Hadramout.

In the meantime, activists circulated pictures of the deputy prime minister and interior minister in the legitimate government of Yemen, Ahmed al-Maisari, Transport Minister Saleh al-Jibwani and the commander of the fourth military zone, Major General Fadl Hassan, Deputy Minister of Civil Service Abdullah al-Maisari, and Major General Ahmed Ali Masoud, wandering near his house, which was attacked. However, the Presidential Protection Force responded to the attackers and withdrew from the perimeter of the area.

Officials were also seen scouring a number of Mansoura neighborhoods after clashes between government forces, security belt forces and UAE-backed transitional council militants.

Minister of Interior # Ahmed_Misri and Minister of Transport # Saleh_Jabwani in the streets of Aden today 
They defend it with their personal weapons from the militias of the terrorist Hani Ben Brik, who was trained and funded by the United Arab Emirates.– Aden Today / Presidential Protection Brigades  (@ aden_2day) August 9, 2019

Local Yemeni sources said that the UAE-backed security belt forces withdrew from the vicinity of Aden refineries after clashes with the facilities guard forces.

The clashes resulted in the burning of an armored vehicle and a military vehicle for the security belt.The sources attributed these clashes to the attempted security belt forces to control the refineries.

In the city of Taiz, demonstrators expressed their condemnation of the fighting and chaos in the city of Aden since last Wednesday.

Participants in a march after Friday prayers chanted slogans demanding the Arab coalition to put an immediate end to the fighting in Aden between the forces of the legitimate government and the forces of the UAE-backed Transitional Council.

The participants expressed their support for the presidential protection brigades and the forces loyal to them to impose the prestige of the regime and the protection and preservation of state institutions, as they put it.

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