African Union condemns foreign interference in Libya

African Union Peace and Security Council expressed its grave concern over the continuing crisis in Libya, condemning external interference in the country’s affairs, which would exacerbate health, social and economic conditions.

The African Peace and Security Council affirmed the determination to use all means necessary to rid Africa of the scourge of terrorism and armed groups and their support networks. He again called for an urgent ban on all sources of weapons and financing, noting their links to organized crime, drug trafficking and kidnapping in exchange for ransom.

Participants in the work of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, headed by Algeria, renewed their condemnation of all forms of external interference in matters of peace and security in Africa, which undermined national sovereignty and peace efforts.

This African position comes in light of Turkey’s reinforcement of its military presence in Libya and its support for the Tripoli government militarily and by sending mercenaries from Syria, which contributed to the increase in violence and the pace of fighting in Libya, and sabotaging peace efforts in it.

Arab Observer

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