Al-Assad: Meeting with Erdogan Linked to Turkish Withdrawal, Stopping Support Mercenaries

Assad stressed that the possibility of holding a meeting with Erdogan is linked to Turkey's withdraw from Syrian territory and stopping support of mercenaries.

Bashar Al-Assad stipulated during a meeting with a Russian agency, that a meeting took place between him and Erdogan; Turkey’s withdrawal from Syrian territory, and stop supporting terrorism.

Al -Assad explained that “with regard to meeting with President Erdogan, this is related to reaching a stage where Turkey is clearly ready and without any confusion for the full withdrawal of Syrian lands, and stop supporting terrorism and restore the situation to what it was before the start of the war in Syria.

Then there can be a meeting between me and Erdogan, otherwise what is the value of this meeting and why we do it if it is not achieved final results for the war in Syria?

These Assad’s statements came after the first unreasonable visit to the Russian capital, Moscow, during which he met Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Al -Assad concluded his visit to Moscow with a statement issued by the “Presidency of the Republic”, in which he said, “Assad and Putin dealt with strategic relations between the two countries and based on the principles, interests and common values that bring them together, and work to strengthen these relations in the interest of the two peoples in a stage that witnesses unprecedented transformations worldwide.” .

During an interview with the Russian Agency, in response to a question about the possibility of increasing the number of Russian military bases in Syria, Assad said: “The perception of the military bases should not be linked to the issue of combating terrorism, the fight against terrorism is currently existing but it will be temporary, and the Russian military presence cannot in any country, it is based on a temporary thing, we are talking about an international balance, the presence of Russia in Syria is related to the balance of power in the world. “

He added: “We believe that the expansion of the Russian presence in Syria is a good thing that serves this idea, and if this expansion in other countries, perhaps in other regions, will serve the same idea, then we say that this is something that may be necessary in the future.”

He continued, “Today, the great countries cannot protect themselves or play their role from within their borders, they must play the role from outside the borders, through allies present in the world or through military bases.”

Al -Assad added: “The projects are now reviewed, and the agreement will be signed later within a few weeks, but this item has been left to estimate each company and every project, and each project will be evaluated separately later, and this is part of the monitoring mechanism for the implementation and success of projects.”

Economically, Assad said: “Russia and Syria will sign an economic cooperation agreement in the coming weeks, and each project will be considered and approved separately.”

According to Assad, the joint committee discussed a number of projects during the talks that took place in Moscow during the past days.

“After the signing of the agreement, these projects will be announced, and after that, interested companies can apply to participate in these projects,” Al -Assad said.





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