Al-Mismari: LNA targeted Turkish weapons and ammunition after they arrived in Tripoli seaport

The Libyan National Army spokesperson, Ahmed al-Mismari, stated that what the LNA had done in the Tripoli seaport was a “defensive operation aimed at preventing the arrival of weapons and ammunition to terrorist groups in Tripoli, as a Turkish cargo ship has provided large quantities of advanced weapons and ammunition in the port. “

 “This operation is part of the army’s response to the violations of the ceasefire announced on January 12th,” al-Mismari indicated during a press conference from Benghazi. “There does not appear to be peace nor a ceasefire with these terrorist groups.”

The military spokesman also criticized the statement of the UN Support Mission in Libya, which condemned what happened in the port of Tripoli, saying, “the mission said that targeting the port is a breach of the ceasefire, while it turned a blind eye to the entry of a Turkish ship loaded with weapons and ammunition into the port in blatant breach of the ceasefire and the Security Council resolution on arms embargo on Libya.



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