Al-Mismari: The visit of the Turkish Defense Minister Akar to Tripoli is a violation of state sovereignty

spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, described the entry of the Turkish Defense Minister into Tripoli without coordination with the Libyan state, as a violation of the state, asking, “Where is the international community in this violation?”


Al-Mismari said in a press conference held on Monday evening in Benghazi that the Libyan army is fighting for peace and to hold elections on time for the Libyans to choose who governs them.


Al-Mismari denounced what the “Brothers and those opposed to the Libyan National Army” say about the army’s desire to militarize the state, saying: Those who demand the refusal of the militarization of the state, what do they say about the entry of the Turkish Defense Minister into the country without coordination with the state.

Six-month government

Al-Mismari asked, “Where is the Presidential Council and the six-month government? Where are the civil society institutions? Where are the political activists from this arbitrary Turkish measure? The truth of this is what is beyond a crime. All Libyans are expelled from an obsolete base. The Turkish forces have complete control over the base. It is rotten and it enters against them and every Libyan who is in the base and holds its meetings at the highest levels with Turkish officers.”


He added: “Who was with Akar on the plane? Was he with him one of the leaders of al-Qaeda? Was he with him internationally wanted takfiris? Did he have an internationally prohibited weapon? Does he have instructions and orders conveyed to the Turks to spoil the upcoming Libyan wedding on December 24, through their rumors and leaks through their agents?”

It’s December 24th

Regarding the position of Minister of Defense, Al-Mismari requested a clear justification from the Prime Minister, “Who is the Minister of Defense? If he is the Minister of Defense personally, we want an official letter from him because he is the Minister of Defense, and until we receive an official letter, we consider that the Ministry of Defense is vacant.”

Al-Mismari said, “We are watching, as we approach December 24, that they are spreading rumors that Haftar will move and that there is an attack by the Libyan army on Tripoli, in order to allow themselves to land more forces on the ground and more military equipment and mercenaries.”

Al-Mismari warned of the imminent occurrence of a terrorist operation in the southwest region, noting that the armed forces “succeeded in transforming these groups from groups of tens or hundreds into single wolves and herds roaming the desert.”


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