Al-Mismari: Turkey will not leave Libya, neither through negotiations nor mediation

The Libyan army spokesman said that Ankara will not leave Libya, neither through negotiations nor mediation, and is still mobilizing to secure Al-Wataya base, which has come under its control.

Al-Mismari (Libyan army spokesman) revealed that Turkey is still mobilizing to secure the Al-Wataya base, which has become completely under the control of Ankara, adding that it will not leave Libya, neither through negotiations nor mediation.

It is noteworthy that Turkey continues its interference in Libya on the side of the Government of National Accord, which controls Tripoli, despite popular, official and international objections, represented by demands, most notably the removal of foreign forces, mercenaries and all foreign bases from the country.

Al-Mismari said: “A Turkish frigate anchored in the port of Khums on January 4, and left hours later,” indicating the presence of a military air bridge for the Turkish army towards the Al-Wataya and Misrata bases.

Yesterday, the Advisory Committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum held a meeting in Geneva to complete the resolution of the outstanding issues related to the criteria for selecting the unified executive authority, with the aim of examining practical recommendations to be submitted to the Forum for Political Dialogue.

Within the framework of the 5 + 5 committee, Al-Mismari clarified that the military prosecutor has sent a statement declaring that all the provisions of the permanent ceasefire are being implemented, the production and export of oil in compliance with the conditions of all Libyans, the reopening of airlines in the west, east and south, as well as starting detainees exchange between the two parties.


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